How to make your own video game

Everyone dreams of making their own game, and with the resources and knowledge available now to those dreamers, it’s easier than ever to get things made. With a little coding know-how and some information, a dream can become a reality and a video game can be born. The first thing to consider is what game […]

Talking to the machine

We’ve all been a situation where someone who doesn’t speak our native language tries to talk to us, and then we have to rely on other methods of communication to get our points across. Computers can have the same problem too, where they have their own language. Everything that humans program machines to do is […]

Four Predictions for the Future of Programming

Programming is such a unique industry. Not only does it involve learning about computers in depth, but it is also one of the fastest changing industries around. Programming languages seem to rise and fall every few years. While some languages remain, the shift can feel very dramatic. Languages such as Swift were nonexistent five years […]

InspireID Hopes to Expand the Reach of Programming

A collective project involving Apple, the University of Idaho and the Innovation Collective is hoping to bring programming to new communities. There is a stereotype of the typical programmer and these organizations want to change that perception. They also want to get more people involved in an industry that is growing rapidly. Programming is the […]