A collective project involving Apple, the University of Idaho and the Innovation Collective is hoping to bring programming to new communities.

There is a stereotype of the typical programmer and these organizations want to change that perception. They also want to get more people involved in an industry that is growing rapidly.

Programming is the future and getting more people involved will only help it grow.

What is InspireID?

Given that programming is something that can be done with a laptop from a coffee shop, it is remarkable how it appears restricted to certain areas of the country.

In places such as Silicon Valley, programming is a way of life. But talk to people in rural communities or low income urban centers and it is a different story. These are individuals who have simply not been exposed to programming in the same way.

And not everyone has the resources or opportunity to move to Silicon Valley if they want to learn programming or become immersed in the industry. It is why InspireID was started – to bring programming to these people.

Targeting New Programmers

The program will focus on Idaho, given the university’s involvement. It will attempt to create opportunities for people in low to moderate income areas to become involved with this industry. Rural areas will also be targeted.

There are many people in such areas who have an interest in technology. But they do not have the time or money to get a post-secondary degree to pursue that goal.

InspireID wants to help these people learn about programming, without making it an expensive or time consuming process.

Swift Programming Language

The focus of these lessons will revolve around the Swift programming language. It is a very fast growing language, which is intended as an open source replacement for the C-based programming languages that have dominated the community for so long.

Given Swift is a language that Apple has adopted for use on smartphones and tablets, it is no wonder it is growing at such a rapid rate. Apple has a vested interest in Swift growing. And given it is easily accessible on Github, it is the perfect programming language for new coders to learn.


Apple’s Involvement

While the University of Idaho and Innovation Collective are doing the bulk of the work on this project, Apple is involved. They will provide guidance and expertise where it is deemed necessary.

The company is also committed to offering discounts on Macbooks for people who are involved with the program. And that will be a huge help for people who may not have the right type of device to comfortably learn programming.

Learn Programming at a Steady Pace

The course will involve a 180-hour learning experience for students who may have no prior experience with programming. And it can be completed at each student’s own pace. Those who need to work or study other subjects while learning programming can do so without a problem.

InspireID is an ambitious project. And if it succeeds, it could birth similar projects in other states.