We’ve all been a situation where someone who doesn’t speak our native language tries to talk to us, and then we have to rely on other methods of communication to get our points across. Computers can have the same problem too, where they have their own language.

Everything that humans program machines to do is in a language called a binary, and you can think of it as a translator. We humans type in code in a programming language, and then the binary turns it into something that the computer can understand.

By doing this process, the computer can understand countless walls of information as it scrolls through the tasks that a human programmed it to do. Several types of code are in use for different programs and machines, and all of them to a different job.



This is one of the easiest ones for people to learn and is often common for many people and businesses to use and manipulate since it is so flexible. Employers who use information, engineering, and even some websites such as Google, YouTube, and even NASA all use Python to keep them going.

The language is simple to read and translate, has countless ‘dictionaries’ all around the internet to help people understand it, and can be manipulated in various ways for dozens of applications.


This, much like coffee itself, can be turned into several websites and give countless features with a little bit of everything for everyone. The website can be used for communications, finances, hospitality, and education. It’s used for the cloud, the internet of things, and dozens of websites.

Java is used for video games such as Minecraft, mobile games, and it is even downloaded with several apps and games in order to give that program a new function. Java has a massive ‘dictionary’ and a very well-defined language, making everything easy to use.


This is the basic coding of web pages and website design and allows for text and images to be formatted in a website. You have probably seen HTML at the end of a URL, especially for email sites. Web development and email servers and are used for almost any and all web pages.

HTML is common, free and also one of the easiest and beginner friendly codes to learn, chances are if you have made a webpage, then you have used it before.


It isn’t related to Java, but it is used in sites such as WordPress and Khan Academy, and even in gaming development. This allows for web pages to be used in new ways, such as being able to scroll and manipulate items for video games.

Much like HTML, it is easy to use and very common, and the two coding languages are often used hand in hand to create a website.

Pick the language that works for you

By picking the correct language and learning how to use it effectively, even something as simple as creating a webpage can be a test of your coding knowledge.